Top Art Exhibitions of 2016 You Should Not Miss


Right from the era of the early stage of photography to the greatest paintings, art exhibitions holds the enthralling collection of masterpieces from classical to modern art works. That is why we are here to share the list of top art exhibitions of 2016 you should not miss.

Some of the best Art Exhibitions happening around the world arearranged in terms of different art works:

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Renaissance Masters

renaissance-hotels-ads-modeled-on-italian-renaissance-paintingsIn the honor of 500th death anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch, the most peculiar painter of Renaissance Masters, MuseoNacionaldel Prado in Madrid is arranging a major exhibition. It representsunrepeatable opportunity for visitors to see the original paintings of the late artist.

Name: Bosch: the Centenary Exhibition

Place: MuseoNacional del Prado, Madrid

Date: 31 May-11 September


Diane Arbus is one of the most influential artists of 20th century and this landmark exhibition will display more than 100 photographs that were taken in her early stage of career. The majority of the photographs that never been shown earlier to public.

Name: Diane Arbus: In the Beginning

Place: Met Breuer, New York

Date: 12 July-27 November


The renowned archeologist Franck Goddio with his group has rediscovered the two lost ancient Egyptian cities, goddioThonis-Heraclien and Canopus submerged in River Nile for thousand years. The Exhibition will show the extracted breathtaking underwater discoveries and incredible story of Egypt and Greece relationship.

Name: Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds

Place: British Museum, London

Date: 19 May-27 November

Modern Art & Post Impressionism

It would be wrong to underestimate the huge impact that tribal art had on western art of 20th century. Along with the fascinating art from foreign cultures that is reflected in various classical modernism, founder of museum, Rudolf Leopold will be displaying collection of African and oceanic art for the first time.

Name: Foreign Gods: Tribal Art in the Context of Modernism

Place: Leopold Museum, Vienna

Date: 23 September-9 January 2017

19th Century Art

gleyre_-_self_portraitCharles Gleyre has been undoubtedly holding a major place in 19th century academic paintings in France. However, France has never devoted a monographic exhibition to him until now. The exhibition has been focused to re-evaluate the elements of passion, Orientalism and violence that exist in his work, despite its dominatingrigor and Helveticaccuracy.

Name: Charles Gleyre (1806-1874): the Repentant Romantic

Place: Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Date: 10 May-11 September


On the fifth centenary of creation of Venice’s Ghetto, “Venice, the Jews and Europe” exhibition focuses on processes leading to creation, implementation & transformation of first ‘fence’ for Jews in world. It also emphasize on healthy relations between Jews and Venice in different period of their stay in lagoon.

Name: Venice, the Jews and Europe

Place: Palazzo Ducale, Venice

Date: 19 June-13 November

We recommend you and all the art enthusiasts to visit these art exhibitions that are happening or going to happen around different locations in the world for the year 2016. Though it may cost you a bit, but visiting these exhibitions will give you the indelible experience that is going to last lifelong.


The 4 Must-See Museums In Los Angeles


Let’s be honest; when in Los Angeles most of us would rather have a sunny day out at the beach than choose to explore the cultural attractions in the gorgeous city. But a wise traveler would not want to miss out on a tour of the lineup of museums that dot the landscape of the most populous city in the United States. In fact, the museums in LA rival their counterparts located in other parts of the country including Washington D.C. and New York. When planning your tour to the City of Angels, the bigger task at hand is to filter out the best museums so you are able to fit the excursion in your itinerary.

To ease the filtration for you we have developed this list of 5 must-see museums in Los Angeles! Let’s roll through it to see why each one of these museums deserves a spot in your Los Angeles travel time-table:

Getty Center

topics_gettymuseum190Conceived as home for J. Paul Getty’s Trust Fund, the Getty Center was opened in 1997. The center took 13 years to complete and is renowned for its panoramic views. Collections can be checked out at the six pavilions that surround the elaborate courtyard. Another highlight of the museums is the verdant gardens; and if you dig ancient archaeological finds then you mustn’t miss the chance to check out the Getty Villa which is home to ancient Roman and Greek antiquities.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Given the scale, the renowned Los Angeles County Museum of Art should take at least a few days to explore to the full. Lined with collectives from across history to the present, a tour of the massive LACMA can make you travel time and space. Feast your eyes on the iconic Urban Light installation by Chris Burden as you enter, and move on to other quirky collectives that range from iron street lamps to Japanese art. Modern American art lovers should definitely check out the collections spread over the three floors of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum.

Natural History Museum

Are you a history fan? Trace the roots of Los Angeles- from the times of the Native American to the present day- at the renowned National History Museum of LA. While it first opened in 1913, the museum has undergone a major nyc-009-600x398makeover in the year 2013, and currently features Nature gardens, fossils of dinosaurs, and a Gem & Minerals Hall. The colossal glass entrance with fin-whale skeleton will instantly grab you in as the museum reveals more of its secrets.

The Broad

The go-to art museum for contemporary art lovers, the Broad is one of the newer museums in Los Angeles. It features works of American artists like Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and is home to Eli and Edythe Broad’s post war artworks.

Well that was our list of the must visit museums in Los Angeles. We hope that it will make your trip to the City of Angels all the more special!


Top 5 Famous Museums and Art Galleries in New York


New York City is the cultural capital of United States and home to many world-class museums, galleries and exhibition centers. There are so many options for art lovers. It can be harder for them to decide where to start. The New York City has a treasure of modern-art centers, galleries and exhibitions. In fact, the city is an ideal pick for the art lovers and for those who want the next level of artistic creations. If you really decide this place for your artistic visit then it is just a beginning. You will get everything beyond your imagination and thoughts. So, prepare well for the most amazing experience of visiting world’s best museums and art galleries in the New York City.

Most Infamous Museums and Art Galleries in the New York City

For the full and memorable experience of New York City, do not forget to include following artistic sites. Most infamous and popular museums and art galleries of the New York City are:

    1. The 9/11 museum: 9/11 attack was the most tragic events in the history of the United States. World famous twin towers were completely destroyed in this attack. The museum is the significance of this event and those individuals who are the victims of this event. You can visit the site anytime between 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Entrance charges are different as per the age. Entry is free for the children under 7.

  1. American Museum of Natural History: This museum was established in the year of 1869. The museum has dioramas lining that offers the tourists and visitors a view of biological systems and human environments through time. The main attraction of this museum is the demonstration of a Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and duck-billed dinosaur with fossil skeletons at the 4th One, who wants to visit the museum and exhibition, should pay some amount for the entry.
  2. Whitney Museum of American Art: It is one of the well-known and beautiful art galleries of New York City. The gallery has such an exceptional record. Around 2000 sculptors, filmmakers, painters, architects and artists represented their talent. It is one of the highly visited art galleries of the city. Weekends are very busy so you need a reservation during the big and major exhibitions. You can visit on weekdays to avoid the rush. Charges for the entry are as per the age of the visitor.
  3. whistler_installation_4_lgFrick collection: It is one of the smallest museums with the fabulous collection of artistic creations in the New York City. Here you will get regular running exhibitions and concert of classical music. It is an intimate space so it is good to book the tickets in advance. Entry of children below 10 years is free.
  4. The cloisters: This masterpiece was developed in the year of 1930. This masterpiece art centre has around 5,000 artifacts including statues, ornate metalwork, glass pieces and tapestries. Officially, the entries are free but few charges are applicable as per their regulations.

New York City will never disappoint you when it comes to cultural and historical attractions. You can visit above-mentioned galleries and museums for the real joy. Many are free and few are paid. One thing is guaranteed in all these art centers and this is the real peace of mind.


5 Best and Must-See Art Museums in the United States


The United States is better known for its fabulous culture and artworks. It is home to many well-known and world famous Art museums. Here, you can get the classiest and sophisticated museums with the finest artwork collections. From National Gallery of Art to the famous Museum Of Fine Arts, there is such an outstanding and artistic collection of these museums. These two are the most visited museums but, remember there are countless splendid museums in the country. Thus, you can start with our list.

Top 5 Art Museums

Each museum is a beautiful creation of artistic and contemporary era. Here are the 5 topmost and must-see art museums in the United States:

    1. National Gallery of Art: It was established in the year of 1937. The museum is situated in Washington, D.C. with the huge collection of paintings, portraits and other artwork. The museum is separated into two building west and east. Beautiful modern art such as by Leonardo Da Vinci and extraordinary exhibitions are the main
      The National Gallery of Art
      The National Gallery of Art

      attractions of the National Art Gallery. The recent treasure of this gallery is its Flemish and Dutch drawings. Art lovers can visit there to view these artistic creations. Entrance is absolutely free at this museum.

    2. Museum of Fine Arts: Beautiful fine arts museum is situated in the Boston, Massachusetts. Here you can find the largest collection of arts which is around 450, 000. It is among the largest museums in the entire U.S. Art lovers will get the immense range of Egyptian art, American art, Japanese art and lots more. If you enjoy the music then don’t forget to explore the musical gallery with 1,100 various musical instruments. You have to pay fewer amounts for the entry here. But, when you demonstrate the museum, you will not feel guilty to pay such amount for the entrance.
    3. Museum of Modern Art: It is better known as MoMA. This amazing museum is located in Midtown Manhattan. Here one can get the wide range of modernist and artistic art works. You can also enjoy the paintings of the 20th If there are fewer crowds then you can enjoy the free entry on Fridays between 4 P.M. to 8 P.M.
    4. Detroit Institute of the Arts: It is one of the smallest museums in the United States. It has only 65,000 pieces of arts. It has the most exclusive collection of “Early European Art paintings”, “American arts” and ancient pieces. It is among the top 5 art museums in the United States. You can enjoy the various and unique exhibitions here. Rodin’s ‘the thinker’ is the must-see in the entire museum. Entry fees are not fixed here, it depends on the exhibitions.
    5. Cleveland Museum of Art: With 45,000 different artist pieces, this museum is located in the Cleveland, Ohio. It is the largest spaced galleries among all. 18th century paintings, monarchy and its pre-Columbian collection are the main attractions. This museum was established in the year of 1913. Entrance is free for this museum.

Art museums are the best place to discover and scratch the actual roots of any place. Above-mentioned museums are must-see museums in the United States. One should visit and explore these museums at least once in their entire life.


Top 10 Art Museums You Should Not Miss When in the USA


United States houses some of the world’s best and most sophisticated museums and art galleries exhibiting exquisite collection of great pieces of art. Right from Roy Lichtenstein to Leonardo da Vinci, these museums and art galleries give a glimpse of every artistic era that the country faced. If you are planning to pay a visit to the US and want to give some rest to your artistic soul, then paying a visit to some of these museums will totally delight you. Whilst these are not the only museums in US but surely you can start with them.

Museums You Will Love To Visit In The US

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Located in New York City, this museum is the largest in the US and is home to more than 2 million works of art. The exquisite collection comprises of the artifacts from Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. For all those visiting for the first time, do not forget to catch the exhibition of Manus X Machina, which will showcases both machine as well as handmade designs by the famous designers. The museum has always been expanding and recently its Whitney Space has been transformed into the Met Breuer that will house

  1. Philadelphia Museum of Art

philadelphia-museum-of-art-600Situated in Philadelphia, this is the museum which houses the modern as well as the old artworks and features the largest collection of the American artifacts. It is also home to the great paintings by the famous artists like Manet, Cezanne, DuChamp and Marisso, acquired recently. This museum contains an exquisite collection of more than 220,000 pieces of art consisting of some great Turkish and Persian rugs.

  1. Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Housing more than 450,000 artifacts, this is one of the largest museums of the US. Some of the renowned collections of art include Egyptian, Japanese and American arts and the ongoing exhibition which is showcasing the fashion in the sci-fi age. It also boasts of a collection of 1,100 musical instruments aging back to the medieval times.

  1. Museum of Modern Art

museum-of-modern-art-moma-new-york-city-new-york-vacation-club-v22xqhhnBased in New York and abbreviated as MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art showcases a great collection of Modern art and organizes great collections from the overseas. It showcases paintings by some of the most famous artists of the 20th century like Rousseau, Van Gogh, Picasso and Pollock. You will get the opportunity to see Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Rousseau’s The Sleeping Gypsy and many other works as well.

  1. National Gallery of Art

Established in the year 1937 in National Mall Washington, DC, this museum showcases a marvelous collection of fine arts and is divided into an East and a West building. Whilst the East building contains modern art works and lots of space for exhibition, the West building contains an abundant collection of European, American, Italian works as well as Kress Collection. You can also catch a glimpse of Dutch and Flemish drawings acquired recently and which are open for public viewing till January 2017.


10 Art Museum Exhibitions in New York City That You Got To Visit This Winter


As far as the year 2015 is concerned, it was a great year, filled with lots of activities as far as the cultural contributions are considered. We got to see some incredible exhibitions, right from the stellar Frank Stella at the Whitney to the modern tech art in the New Museum. Now when we have almost reached to the end of the year 2016, the art museums show no sign of slowing down. For all those who didn’t get a chance to make it to the exhibitions held earlier this year or are planning to visit New York this winter, you can get a good dose of culture and art in the upcoming exhibitions. So look out for these awesome art exhibitions that will make the artist within you happy this winter.

  1. I See a Story: The Art of Eric Carle

e67aff9b7cfebf10940f6a7067002494This exhibition marked its inauguration on April 2, 2016 and its last day is going to be on January 8, 2017. The exhibition which will be held in The High Museum in Atlanta will portray the works of Eric Carle, the writer famous for giving iconic books for children like The Grouchy and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The works will include the 80 signature collages of 15 popular books written by Eric Carle. The visitors will get a complete insight into the process by which the white tissues are painted and the resultant shapes with which we all are well acquainted.

  1. Agnes Martin

The exhibition which will mark its inauguration in the month of October in The Guggenheim will last till January 2017. This exhibition is going to be the first ever comprehensive display of the work of artist, Agnes Martin’s work, who died in the year 2004. In the span of 50s and 60s, the artist developed a signature style of using grid-patters which consisted of several horizontals and vertical lines hand drawn by the pencil on large canvases, which on first glance seemed to be blank.

  1. Art at the Center: Guerrilla Girls

This exhibition by the anonymous female artists will last till end on the 2017 New Year’s Eve and will be held in Walker Art Center. Since the 80s, the world’s favorite collections of arts consisting of mask-wearing feminists have raised the issue of gender inequality in the field of art. Walker, who has been collecting their works from the early times, will be showcasing 88 posters that were created by the anonymous artist in the period 1985-2012. That is not the end because in order to mark the 30th anniversary of the Guerrilla Girls, nearly 30 cultural and arts organizations will be teaming up to present more than 50 exhibitions and special events in their honor.

  1. Maude Schuyler Clay: Mississippi History

maude-schuyler-clay-my-mississippi-history-42This exhibition will be held in the Ogden Museum from 1 October 2016 to 15 January 2017 and will showcase the photographs captured by Maude Schuyler Clay, for 25 years. The photographer clicked pictures of her friends and family in the place she called home, i.e. Mississippi. Her works display the subjective history of Mississippi which might have been lost otherwise.

Se people, gear up for the exhibitions that are all set to showcase the work of some great artists.



20 Art Museums in America You Must Visit


An Art Museum is a place that holds antique collection of art galleries and one must visit once in a lifetime to appreciate the work and creativity of the famous artists. With rich ancient histories, magnificent monumental architecture and timeless collections, America has art museums filled with unique masterpieces and enthralling temporary exhibits. So, here is the list of hand-picked 20 best art museums in Americathat you must visit to light up your mind.

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

It is the largest art museum in America with huge arts building having varieties of art, paintings, sculptures, etc.

  1. De Young Museum, San Francisco

Established in 1894, it has international textiles & costumes and priceless arts.

  1. Guggenheim Museum, NY

With its iconic spiral building, it has captivating arts & paintings by famous painters.

  1. Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washingtonestablishing_shot__smithsonian_american_art_museum_source_sandstead_12

This museum has huge collection of various arts, contemporary crafts& impressive paintings.

  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LA

LACMA is largest art museum on West coast having collection of objects from ancient to modern times.

  1. Museum of Modern Art, NY

MoMAInstitution located in Manhattan holds collection of modern & contemporary art.

  1. Brooklyn Museum, NY

Launched in the year1823, it is still ranked among best art museums for its arts collection.

aka, Mecca.

  1. Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

It holds collection from ancient Egyptian sarcophagi to contemporary photography.

  1. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Along with famous American works, Museum has decorative items as well.

  1. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

With the classical building-style, it covers collection of major styles & periods.

  1. The Getty Center, LA

With its beautiful Malibu villa, it has art collection in different buildings with time period.

  1. National Gallery of Art, Washington

Founded in 1930s with 126 paintings, now has beautiful wide collection of arts.

  1. new_sfmomaSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Oldest museum on West coast, it has arts of several time periods from 20th century.

  1. Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit

Contains collection of both American & African art and has more than 100 galleries.

  1. Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio

It holds modern & contemporary works and is organized according to time.

  1. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Located in Houston, it holds world sculptures along with arts from several countries.

  1. DIA, Beacon NY

Famous for abstract & conceptual contemporary art, it holds permanent unique works.

  1. Rhode Island School of Design Museum

rhode-island-school-of-design-museum-of-art-ri-keith1RISD has not only good paintings, but also has arts, photographs & drawings.

  1. Whitney Museum of American Art, NY

It is among the most dynamic museums having arts by famous painters.

  1. The Frick Collection, NY

Visiting this magnificent mansion will feel like going back to 19th century Paris.

Though we are hardly given arts education in schools, we should be aware of the beauty of the world-class art collections by famous artists. You must definitely visit these art museums if you stay in America or planning for a visit someday.

19 Best Art Exhibitions Opening in New York and Los Angeles in 2016


What should you expect in Los Angeles and New York in this year’s exhibition?  Well, you should make an effort to visit some of these amazing sites to learn more about arts and culture.

The following are some of the best art exhibitions opening in New York 2016:

  1. Ilse D’Hollander, Sean Kelly

This exhibition was invented by a Belgian Artist. The exhibition comprises of alluring canvases, generally small in nature featuring loose pliable swathes of amiable hues. The uniqueness of the work is displayed by the serene forms and capricious lines adding some sense of rigidity. The exhibition is offering more than 60 pieces.

  1. “William Kentridge–More Sweetly Play the Dance,”

The exhibition is the work of William Kentridge, a South African artist. This show features characters, mainly animated and dancers displayed on eight-channel video installation. The remarkable show, named “More Sweetly Play the Dance” is quite an interesting place to explore.

  1. Outsider Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion

Outsider Art Fair was introduced in 1993 and has since garnered vast fame. This art exhibition is currently managed by Andrew Eldin and Company.

  1. “Warhol by the Book,” Morgan Library and Museum

This art exhibition represents self-public collections, book jackets and commercial illustrations representing creativity screen printing, painting, film, photography, and writing.

  1. “Peter Fischli David Weiss: How to work Better”

This exhibition show covers video, sculpture, installation and photography and is being managed by Nat Trotman, Guggenheim and Nancy Spector.

  1. “Jasper Johns: Monotypes,” Matthew Marks Gallery

This kind of exhibition features metal plate drawing, where a piece of paper is laid on the metal plate with the press acting as a canyon.

  1. “This place,” Brooklyn Museum

This exhibition displays a number of photographs by international photographers and features over 600 photographs.

  1. “Munch and Expressionism” Neue Galerie

bn-mu647_nymunc_p_20160226163731Neue Galerie is deemed to open Edvard Munch’s exhibition featuring a remarkable painting “The Scream”. The work specializes in Austrian and German art and is estimated as the most high-priced selling work.

The following are some of the best exhibitions opening in Los Angeles in 2016:

  1. “Dansaekhwa and Minimalism,” Blum and Poe

This exhibition is set to feature Mark Grotjahn and Henry Taylor. Mark Grotjahn constitutes the 1993-1998 Sign Exchange and is set to open from 10th September to 5th November 2016 while Henry Taylor is set to feature a new Film by Kahlil Joseph.

  1. “Islamic Art Now, Part 2,” LACMA

The exhibition is intended to unfold Islamic art and is set to feature work from Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan artists.

  1. “Traversing the Globe through Illuminated Manuscripts” Getty

The exhibition originates from Getty’s Own Holdings and features illuminated manuscripts showing cultural exchange and exotic encounters.

  1. “Jiro Takamatsu,” Kay Griffin Corcoran

This exhibition is intended to feature the work of a Japanese artist, Takamatsu Jiro.

  1. “Catherine Opie: Portraits,” Hammer Museum

co_hammer_museum_2016_inst_0901This exhibition is presumed to feature the work of an American Photographer, Catherine Opie, and a capturing importance of present day America.

  1. Alex Katz: Quick Light at Serpentine Gallery

This exhibition is set to display work of a New York Painter, with the show set to focus on landscape arts.

  1. Mary Heilmann: Looking at Pictures

The exhibition features a collection of abstract inspirational paintings for Los Angeles Beach life.

  1. Winifred Knights

Winifred Knights’ exhibition is more of a dedication to one of the British Pioneers in the arts industry.

  1. Summer exhibition

This exhibition is intended to market the work of various artists.

  1. Georgiana Houghton: Spirit Drawings

19-glory-be-to-godThe exhibition is intended to feature the work of a spiritualist medium, Georgiana Houghton claiming the possession of spirit-guided watercolors.

  1. Engineering the world: Ove Arup and the philosophy of Total Design

This exhibition is set to recognize Paris Crossrail and Sydney Opera projects.

Visiting any of the exhibition sites above will help you learn more about the present-day American Culture besides experiencing a word of art. Also, you will get an opportunity to flash back at the ancient pioneers of arts.